If all the properties of matter were to be related to one single aspect, it could be the form in which it exists.

Let us take a simple example.

Let us take a few balls and glue them together with sticks. Take 6 black balls, 6 red balls and 12 white balls. Now arrange them in the following shape.


Now, at the molecular level, replace the black ones by Carbon atoms, red ones by Oxygen and the white ones by Hydrogen.

Bingo! You have made Glucose.

Now, glue many of such shapes back-to-back. You have created Starch! Starch is found in corn, wheat, rice, potato etc.

Now, glue many of such shapes together but each alternate one is rotated 180 degrees. You have created Cellulose! Cellulose is inedible by humans and is largely found in plants.

Starch is found in nature in a white powdery form.

Cellulose is like Cotton (which is 90% Cellulose)


They both have different properties just because of the difference in their forms.

All the various properties like color, taste, smell, texture etc could be changed by just changing the form of a substance.

I always find it amusing how one form can look more aesthetically pleasing than the other.



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