The Basis of Science


The very basis of science is assumptions.

We assume something is true (which not might be so).
We do experiments, we create theories on the basis of that.
We draw out results and conclusions.

If the results are in a satisfactory range, where the error can be neglected, we continue using those results.

Sometimes, we assume that an electron is a particle.
At other times, we assume that it is like a cloud, just to suit our convenience. We do not know what it is.

We do not know what is gravity or what is a charge. There is no such thing as an Absolute Zero Temperature, it is an assumption.

The whole basis is an assumption!
If that assumption falls off, the whole thing starts crumbling down!


There is a wide range of other possibilities that exist.

That is why, I think, that science is not able to acknowledge and explain many day-to-day experiences.

It would not be inappropriate to say that science is just one of the many possible approaches of looking at things, that it is just a perspective.

It is always good to remember that you start off with an assumption and a whole open field of infinite possibilities still exists!



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