My cousin gets married on 12th Dec. I am the eldest kid in the family after him. So, technically I am supposed to get married next.

I have been researching about marriage recently to figure out whether I want to get married or not. Its time to figure it out.

I have listened to various people about their opinion on getting married…. happily married, happily single, unhappily married and unhappily single.


One thing that I have figured out is not to get married until I am totally sure. It is not like choosing a 3 month course to figure out if you could learn something worthwhile.

There are various factors involved while matching compatibility. Predisposition, personality, monetary status, health, beauty, intelligence, kindness, speech, interests, sexuality, wanting kids etc. There are simply too many variables involved. To add to that, I am too picky! After all, I am going to share a lot of time, money,energy, emotions  with this person (if I do).

Divorce rate in India is quite low as compared to many other countries but I do not see many happily married couples around. People get into marriage without thinking or because ‘they have to’ or because ‘everyone gets married’ or ‘I have needs’ or ‘who will take care of me when I am old and sick’ or ‘I do not want to feel lonely’ and so on. No wonder it does not work out well!

There is a lot of good research, quizzes, books with questions (questions that you should ask each other before getting married) written on the topic. If and when I do, I hopefully am going to make a wise decision about it. I recommend everyone to do the same!


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