The Sphere


If you drop some water in vacuum, it takes a beautifully spherical shape.
Why does it take that form and not any other is a wonder!

One of the nature or qualities of this form is that it is ‘totally’ symmetric.

Another wondrous feature associated with it is, that is both finite and infinite.
At first, it is obvious that it is finite.



Now, let us take a hollow rubber ball for easier understanding. Where does this ball end or begin?! Nowhere! It is infinite! Mathematically speaking, nature uses ‘pi’ (3.14159265359…) in building a sphere which itself is infinite!

This feature of being both finite and infinite is a property of every other form. The finite lays within the infinite and the finite contains the infinite! It is mind-blowing!

A linear thinking approach is very limited.

A spherical manner of thinking becomes much more comprehensive, all inclusive, sensitive, more adapt at inculcating new information, better at understanding and thinking about life and its components with its so many aspects and so many interconnections, so many layers and so many dimensions! I have just begun and starting to learn!

The thoughts of a linear approach become mere strands in a sphere then!


Go spherical!


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