Entropy and Life!

The entropy of an isolated system never decreases (It can either stay the same or increase). Such a system naturally evolves towards equilibrium which is a state of maximum entropy.

This is funny and contradictory.

As entropy can also be defined as the number of ways a system can be arranged.

Hence, a state of equilibrium is both a state of maximum chaos and maximum order!

Maximum chaos because, by definition, entropy is maximum. Entropy, being a measure of disorder, implies that chaos is maximum!

Maximum order because by definition or by intuition, equilibrium is supposed to be most balanced!

Entropy also gives us the sense of time. e.g. Throw some water on the floor. It goes down and splashes. This process is a process of increase in entropy. It cannot be reversed. If the whole thing was done in reverse, it would not be possible. Hence, by noticing the direction in which entropy is increasing could give us a sense of time.

Lastly, the most exhilarating and mysterious question would be: Is the Universe (considering it an isolated system) heading towards more chaos or more order or both?!

Of-course, one could ask if life itself is headed towards chaos or bliss or both?!



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