The Zodiac

Consider the Earth as stationary – the sun, planets and stars rotating around it. This is known as the Geocentric model in Modern Physics.

Imagine a 360 degree circle in the Earth-Sun plane. This is called the zodiac.

Divide this circle into 12 parts of 30 degrees each. The seers of the past recognized prominent constellations in these divisions and correlated them with the Circle of Life.

The first division (0 degree to 30 degrees) is located in a division called Aries. This is associated with the beginning of life, bubbling energy and newness.

The second one (30 degrees to 60 degrees) is Taurus. Once birth has taken place, it is time for rest and comfort.

The third one is Gemini. As life grows, you slowly learn to communicate with people around. You learn to move freely without any help.

The fourth one is Cancer. Then you start to make friends…become part of a group.

The fifth one is Leo. In a group emerges individuality. From a group, there might emerge a leader. An entertainer.

Then comes refinement of skills. Creativity, art, inventions. This is the sixth division where Virgo exists.

Now, the circle rotates back. Restoring balance in the seventh division of Libra. Building relationships, diplomacy, creating peace and harmony.

The eighth one is Scorpio where the false starts to fall off. It represents death and deeper truth.

This is followed by the ninth, Sagittarius, indicating expansion of awareness, seeking wisdom and sharing it with people.

The tenth Capricorn represents using this knowledge for the development of civilization, for the betterment of people.

Aquarius, the eleventh, challenges conventions. It represents, research, creativity and acceleration.

Finally comes Pisces, the twelfth, representing the final union, spirituality, mysticism, the story-teller, the dreamer.


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