Theory on Homosexuality

To start with, I have nothing against homosexuality. This post is aimed at developing a better understanding of the phenomenon.

It is said that the soul largely alternates between male and female bodies when it takes birth. This is because the biggest impression on a male mind is that of a female body and vice-versa. Hence, the male mind assumes the form of a female body in the next life. This cycle continues..

From what little I understand, if a person had a very joyful previous life in an alternate gender, their mind (consciously or unconsciously) might get stuck in that pattern. So, if I had a very joyful previous life in a female form…if I get stuck in that pattern, I would be attracted to male energies.

HomosexualityHow I came up with all of that?

Few years back, I started getting visions of my past lives. Som
e of them were in a female form. This was mostly unnerving because I had identified myself with only the body till now. To think, that I was a female and I liked males was jarring for a while.

I don’t think that homosexuality has got anything to do with the body (unless you are born with both male and female body parts). As long as the pattern stays, you may enjoy homosexuality. This could last for a while or for a whole lifetime.

I hail from India and a law against homosexuality is not a good thing in my opinion.

PS: I am straight 😉


2 thoughts on “Theory on Homosexuality

    • My experience 🙂
      I remember around 8 lifetimes alternating between male and female bodies.

      In any case, it is just a theory and I might be wrong. 🙂


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