The New Tenant

My maternal uncles stay in Agra, India. I have been to their house many-a-times. One of them called recently relating a rather interesting story.

A new tenant has joined in the house next to theirs. When he was leaving for office one day, he came across my uncle and greeted him. He had seen my Grandma standing on the door of the house the day before. He assumed that she must have come from the village to stay with my uncle. Hence, he asked for how long she is visiting. My uncle was quite baffled at the question (which you will find out why as your read along). In any case, he gave some random answer.

In the evening, he requested the new tenant to come visit him. He showed the guy, a few photos of various old ladies and asked him whom did he saw the day before. The tenant pointed towards my Grandma’s photo. My uncle said okay. They chatted for a while and then the tenant left.

My Grandma has been dead since before I was born.


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