The glorified hospitality of Indian Government offices

However much you may avoid it…you will, eventually, have to walk into a Government office. Be it paying your electricity bill, booking a gas cylinder, buying a piece of land or registering a new company.

I had to go to the railway station today to book a ticket. (The Tatkal ticket was in waiting, an online version of which is not considered valid)

Luckily, there was not much queue. Although, after a while the guy on the counter went away to have snacks! A couple of us moved to the next counter not knowing when the ‘Oh so hungry!’ dude will return.

The queue moved a bit and the lady in-charge of this queue also got infected with the hunger bug and went away for snacks. By now, we were quite irritated. Although, we kept standing there as moving again seemed futile. After quite a while, all the hungry souls returned… hopefully content.

I was second in the row. The guy in front of me had made an error in filling the form. Instead of rectifying it, the lady started shouting on him. I started remembering all such experiences with Government offices and officials..when you start to feel maltreated and abused..

Why are Government offices a symbol of abuse?!

Is it because the Government officials are paid less?
Is it because they do not have any incentive to to ‘good’ work?
Is it because there is some difference in the expectation of the ‘customers’?
Is it because of the monopoly?

Is it too much to ask for the same hospitality once receives in, say, a good restaurant?

I think it is right time to start asking these questions when there is some hope for change..


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