Saturn transits Scorpio

In the Vedic Astrology system, Shani (Saturn) is transiting Vrishchika (Scorpio) from Nov 2014 to Oct 2017 (around 3 years).

The Lord of Scorpio is Mars. Scorpio is aggressive, intuitive, mysterious, represents sudden changes, and unearthing deep secrets. Saturn is slow, likes order and hard work.

The common theme is transformation.

The conflict lies in the style of transformation. Saturn likes to work in an orderly and slow fashion. Scorpio indicates quick and abrupt changes. Saturn resists these and there is a constant battle-like situation.

What can be predicted based on this transit for Earthlings?

This combination indicates an effort to obtain a new identity and fear of the weird. This leads to a profound but slow invalidation of an outdated identity which forces painful emergence of a new social role.

This phase is also indicative of many dangers and obstacles. A series of shocks due to volatile environments are most likely to happen. This phase also indicates that catastrophically destructive and violent upheavals such as social revolutions are materialized, systematized, and contained. Shani has the obligation to regulate the orderly transformation of society via the conditions of death.

Here are a few observations in the Indian context:

This theme indicates that psychological secrets however painful must be made public.
People have started talking about things not talked before. There is a lot of debate on how to deal with the incidents of rapes. Shani, either overtly or covertly, feels obliged to contain the emergence of male sexual instinct (Vrischika) within the established boundaries of conservative social law. There is also the tendency to make controlling social judgments upon the sexual behaviors of others. These themes can be widely seen in India and hopefully lead to positive results in this direction.

Shani-Vrishcika is placement of slow start. The new government has had a slow start with the tough economic conditions and a outdated bureaucracy and law. A change in social law, order and ranking can also be predicted.

This combination likes to keep an cover on occult knowledge. There is a resistance to go deeper, doubt, fear of loss of identity. We have already seen top-grossing movies like PK questioning the religion.

This phase indicates emergency scenarios, including unexpected deaths, self-destruction, revolutionary or disruptive actions. We saw that the Indonesian Air Flight 8501 went missing, last month 132 schoolchildren were killed in the Peshawar attack in Pakistan.

On Indian borders there have been constant ceasefire violations, a terrorist boat was prevented to enter India as it blew itself up on being caught, the day before.

Saturn is the Karaka of the eight house of Scorpio (of death). This indicates a time to learn from the finality and inevitability of death, especially, when children are being killed for no reason.

Can you observe a similar theme in your country? Or, around you?

In the end, this transit drives towards a perceivable transformation into a profound, healing and guiding consciousness.

Famous personalities with Saturn in Scorpio – Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln

Inspired from an article by BP Lama Jyotisha.


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