Quotes on Death

“Knowledge of death makes you fearless and centered”

“Fear of death preserves life”

“Remembrance of death sublimates lust”

“Death/decay/transformation happens when the atoms get bored of patterns and decide to recognize themselves”

“Not only life but death also can be a celebration”

“The Self knows neither sorrow nor death”

“Death brings you in touch with the reality of life”

“Death creates a vacuum, a void”

“The awareness of death alone can bring dispassion and make you well grounded in knowledge”

“Death is a highly guarded secret. Death remains a mystery. The process of separation of spirit from matter and its journey from then on is a secret”

“An atheist bases himself on reason, and a believer on faith. A believer uses God as an insurance policy! He thinks he is special. In the eyes of God there is no “mine” and “others”; all are the same. An atheist rationalizes to keep his eyes shut to reality. Death shakes them both! When someone close dies, an atheist eyes are opened, and a believer’s faith cracks. Only a Yogi – a wise one – remains unshaken. For that person has transcended both reason and faith”

“Knowledge of your death can calm down the mental restlessness”


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