Exaltation and Debilitation

Sun is the King. He feels exalted in the Rashi of pioneering (Aries). The king feels uneasy (debilitated) in the market (Libra) where he needs to negotiate with others.

Moon is the Queen. She feels exalted in the rashi of comfort, rest and acquisition (Taurus). She feels uncomfortable in Scorpio, the rashi of sudden upheavals and secrets.

Mars is the warrior. He feels comfortable in the battlefield (Capricorn). The warrior, ofcourse, feels uncomfortable in the rashi of emotions (Cancer). He just wants to fight.

Exaltation and Debilitation

Mercury represents intellect and communication. He is the only planet exalted in his own Rashi (Virgo) of logic. He feels jarred in the rashi of imagination (Pisces) which cuts across the intellect.

Jupiter, the teacher is exalted in the rashi of nurturing and caretaking (Cancer). The teacher is not at ease in the battlefield (Capricorn).

Venus, the planet of harmony is exalted in the rashi of spirituality (Pisces). Venus, the artist, feels thrown off balance in the rashi of logic (Virgo).

Saturn, the lord of Rules is exalted in the rashi of balance (Libra). Saturn feels uneasy in the rashi of pure bubbling energy (Aries) which does not want to follow any rules.


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