History, Science, Math and Alia Bhatt!

More randomness from the last week..

How old are we?

People are starting to accept that we might have been here for more than two thousand years. I landed up on this news article:
Human bones and teeth dating back to 30 lakh (3 million) years!

If that was not enough, there was another discovery to be had. In Russia, a gear shift dating back to 3 crore (300 million) years has been found! :

So, how old are we?!

Trends in the grade card

I do not know how but my dad unearthed a digital version of my grade card from the college website. I was looking at it and found an interesting pattern:

Grade Sheet

This happens a lot. When I start a new thing I believe in, there is a lot of enthusiasm. As time progress, obstacles come and interest levels start to decline. With time boredom sets in and enthusiasm levels decline further. There comes a point when interest is at its minimum. By then most of the work is done. Now is the time to get it finished. The awareness that ‘what has been started should be finished properly’ kicks in. I would not say that interest increases greatly but the amount of input starts to increase with a ‘somewhat’ increase in enthusiasm level too. And, finally after a while it is over and done with. That is when bliss entails. 🙂
Does it happen with you too?!

Beta Sweater Pehno

Many Bollywood actors have been creating snippets of videos. Here is a funny one by Alia Bhatt:


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