Last Week Tonight – Random Thoughts


Last week has been very interesting. Here are tidbits and some random thoughts:

On cousins and parents:
My cousin sister has been over. Oh what joy it is to pull you parents’ legs with your cousins! She has also been learning French on her own. I catch tidbits whenever I am not too busy! Commen’ ça va?

Defining Intelligence:
It might be difficult to define intelligence. Opposite of intelligence can be defined as being disconnected from your values systems.

On Connectedness:
Despite the eternal search for connectedness, life consists of highly disconnected patches. Periods of non-awareness that can last for hundreds of years. (The periods between death and re-birth)

On Compromise in marriage:
Research shows that the least you have to compromise in a relationship, the happier it will be. Well, I always knew that!
I saw this video which also talked about how we overestimate our partner’s ability not wanting to see how exactly they are. There is other jabber about mathematics and sex. If you want details, you can check out this TEDx talk:

On innovation:
A thorough knowledge of your field is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for innovation.

Seeking advice:
I notice that many times when I give advice I tend to overstep my bounds of propriety. Any tips on how to praise without overstepping bounds and without losing the fullness of the compliment would be more than welcome.


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