I have been listening to the third part of Rashmirathi. It is a poem written by Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, the gem of Hindi poetry. I have not been able to find a good recitation online. I hope someone does that and uploads it on YouTube.

It beautifully talks about the events that happen after the Pandavas return from their exile.

Here are some excerpts that I find more inspiring than the others:

Dinkar compares how a courageous one deals with a tough situation as compared to a weak person:

सच है, विपत्ति जब आती है,

कायर को ही दहलाती है,

शूरमा नहीं विचलित होते,

क्षण एक नहीं धीरज खोते

Lord Krishna goes to meet Duryodhana with an intent to prevent the war that is looming as he refuses the Pandavas entry to their rightful kingdom. Krishna gets angry and shows his True Form. This part is the most beautiful. You can read a part of this portion here: http://ramprasadbismil.blogspot.in/2010/09/krishna-ki-chetawani.html

When Duryodhana does not budge, Krishna resorts to Karna and requests him to join the Pandavas and prevent the war by making the opposite side weaker. The conversation between the Lord and Karna entails the rest of the poem.

Here is another beautiful excerpt where Karna compares eagles and pigeons:

“प्रासादों के कनकाभ शिखर,

होते कबूतरों के ही घर,

महलों में गरुड़ ना होता है,

कंचन पर कभी न सोता है.

रहता वह कहीं पहाड़ों में,

शैलों की फटी दरारों में.

The full third part is available here: http://goo.gl/ue48Sy


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